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Yoga is Ecstasy, its a unique style of yoga that been mixed with sound meditation. It is a modern version of Hatha-Raja Yoga, fused with the vinyasa flow and Kundalini breathing techniques presented with high quality headphones by using hypnosis frequencies to take you in a deeper meditative state and strong physical practice to keep your mind connected to your body in the present moment during the event.

Yogastasy is more than a yoga class, it’s an experience that has been described as a dance of the spirit between mind and body. Its a journey that it will set you on the ecstasy state by practicing heart openers, as well as inversions combining by hip flexors asanas leading to improved flexibility, strength, balance and concentration.

A complete practice of mind and body to connect you to yourself and others through vibration of sounds and mindful movements. This event takes places over a 3 -hour LIVE DJ set and starts and finishes with a short opening and closing.

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